Free Market Physician
Restoring Simplicity and Freedom to Medicine


Fees and Services



Children (18 and under)



Maximum monthly fee for families with children under 18: $200/month

Business Rate

Business Rate (Available to any group of 10 or more people with a single payer): $55/month



Services Covered as part of Membership Fee:

Free Market Physician membership provides access to a family practice physician who can care for people of all ages, from infants to the elderly. Preventative care including pediatric well checks and adult wellness visits are included. Acute care visits for sickness or injury are included as well. Osteopathic manipulation is also included. We can care for most medical complaints and work with you to develop a plan to stay healthy. Membership includes:

– Unlimited visits: no co-pays!
– Same-day visit availability: Get an appointment when you need it, not a day later.
– 24- hour access to your doctor via email, text, and phone
– Available in-clinic procedures (These would be procedures available in most primary care settings including joint injections, skin biopsies, cryotherapy, and suturing among others.)
– Medications at cost: that’s a HUGE savings! It may justify the membership fee for some
– Labs at cost: also another huge savings

The only additional expenses to the monthly membership fees will be for medications and supplies used. Any medications prescribed and dispensed at the clinic will be charged at the cost for me to obtain them. Likewise, any labs ordered and drawn at the clinic will be at the cost to process the labs.