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Free Market Physician is a family practice clinic in Neosho that contracts directly with businesses to provide health care for employees. Read below to see how membership guarantees access to excellent medical care for your employees and how it can save your business money over your existing practices.

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Why would a business contract with Free Market Physician?

Free Market Physician can provide quality primary care to businesses at an inexpensive rate. Membership at Free Market Physician guarantees your employees access to a physician when they need it. By purchasing membership for your employees, you are not purchasing insurance, but direct access to health care. This is an excellent employment benefit.

If I purchase membership at Free Market Physician, what will it pay for?

The membership fee covers all office visits to the Free Market Physician clinic. The clinic is a family practice clinic where most general preventative care and non-emergent acute care needs can be addressed.
Membership will cover all visits at the clinic. This is an unlimited number of office visits. There will be no co-pay for any clinic visit. Membership also guarantees access to same-day appointments. Membership includes direct access to a physician by phone, text, and email on nights and weekends. It also allows your employees to purchase medications and labs at cost from the clinic. The prices charged for medications and labs are the wholesale prices at which the clinic obtains them and likely represents very significant savings for your employees.

How much does membership at Free Market Physician cost?

The business rate for membership is $55 per month for adults (in any business enrolling 10 or more individuals). This rate also applies to any adult family members of your employees that you enroll. Membership for children is $25 per month.

Is membership at Free Market Physician health insurance?

No. Membership is not health insurance.

Does membership at Free Market Physician meet employers’ requirements for insurance in the Affordable Care Act?

No. It does not.
Of note, businesses with less than 50 “full-time equivalent” employees are not required to purchase insurance for their employees. Membership at Free Market Physician is an excellent benefit to such businesses.
Businesses with more than 50 “full-time equivalents” are obligated by the Affordable Care Act to purchase health insurance for their employees. However, there are alternatives to the plans being offered by the health care exchanges. Businesses may choose to purchase a self-funded plan. In self-funded plans, your premium rolls over from year to year. It can be much less expensive than other plans. A Free Market Physician membership can be coupled very affordably with a self-funded plan to prevent claims against your premium. This protects your premium and can prevent or decrease annual rate hikes on your plan.

What sets Free Market Physician apart from other local clinics?

The Free Market Physician clinic operates in a way that allows it to interact with patients differently than other clinics are able. At Free Market Physician, each doctor is capped as to the number of patients they can care for. This makes it possible for the doctor to stay on time and have time for same-day visits. Enrolled patients can reach their doctor at night and on weekends by phone, text, and email. Doctors will not treat emergencies over the phone- these must be treated in the emergency room. However, they can advise patients by phone and even prescribe medications to prevent unnecessary trips to the urgent care or emergency room.
On top of providing great care, the ability for members to purchase labs and medications at cost from the clinic may independently justify the purchase of a membership. Labs from the clinic cost a fraction of their prices elsewhere. Access to medications at cost can provide a substantial monthly savings, especially for patients taking more than one medication. Not every medication will be available to purchase at the clinic, however the clinic will work hard to make needed medications available.

How does Free Market Physician save your business money?

This is the important question for businesses that want to ‘do right’ by their employees, but have financial limitations. Membership is less expensive than most insurance plans. Coupling membership with a self-funded plan is an affordable alternative to traditional insurance plans.
Consider also the effect of membership on time lost for your employees. With membership, your employees can get same-day appointments at the clinic and won’t have to wait hours for their appointments. If they get sick, they are treated fast and get back to work fast. Consider also that with the ability to purchase medications at cost your employees will be able to afford the medications they need. How much money will your business save on time lost if your employees and their families have the primary health care they need to stay healthy?
Finally, consider what membership means for employee recruitment and retention. Free Market Physician membership is an outstanding benefit that will set you apart as an employer. This will be financially significant as you seek to recruit and retain the right people.

Wait- How much does this membership cost?

Adult membership is only $55 per month for businesses enrolling more than 10 individuals. Membership for children is $25 per month.

How do I sign up?

Click here, or contact me (Dr. Sheppard) by phone (417-283-4953) or email ( I will meet with you and we will enroll your business.